Safety is our biggest motivation behind our RFD designs, allowing engineers to initiate a blast for up to 3-5 miles, clear of fly rock and debris. Significantly reduce your costs by eliminating excess lead-in lines between the explosives and the initiator, applicable for surface blasting and underground mining applications via a leaky feeder system. Available features such as sequential firing, motion detection and GPS to increase safety and production.

pdf-iconDownload 1674 Remote Firing Devices Brochure

Fire up to 2 shock tube-only remotes. Very robust at a low cost.

pdf-iconDownload 1670 Remote Firing Devices Brochure

Fire up to 8 dual-output (electric or shock tube) remotes, designed for surface and underground.

pdf-iconDownload 1673 Remote Firing Devices Brochure

Designed for surface and underground mining. This model provides the most features and up to 64 remote capability.

Bonner's Ferry Ranger District

"Thanks, I have used our repaired RFD for 5 shots so far without problems. It is great to have two firing units, it makes the system much more versatile. Hopefully we can add another next year."


"The RFD is everything we expected and is working well. It has allowed us to increase productivity tremendously. More receivers in the future would allow even larger increases in productivity due to the demands of demolition operations."