Law Enforcement/Military

Designed to the same Mil-Spec standards as previous versions supplied to the Navy for over 25 years. Safe, very rugged and the most reliable RFD in the military and law enforcement industry used for explosive ordinance. Used in EOD training across the US and abroad, we are able to customize a set to your particular unit’s needs.

Gwinnett Co. Police

“The kit is good to go. We have used it more in the last month and a half during ops and training than a five-year-old RFD that worked only when it wanted! This is a quality piece of kit and will save us big $ on lead line.”

San Jose PD

“Happy New Year. We are very pleased with the customer service from you and your company. I cannot tell you how much more reliable and user friendly your RFD’s are than the others we have had in the past. The cost savings (on shock tube) alone make this a worthwhile purchase but the best part of your product is the bullet proof reliability. When we are doing demolition and/or putting on a course for other bomb techs throughout the state and at times the country; not having misfires and down times (like the other companies in the past) is what it’s all about, not to mention the number one priority, SAFETY.”