The Talkie Tooter® Radiowhistle system is used by cable logging operation personnel to remotely initiate one or more successive “audio beeps” – whistle codes, which alert, quickly and clearly, all personnel in the area to the potential movement of cables. The Talkie Tooter signaling radio greatly increases safety and productivity. They are designed and built to withstand the harshest of forestry environments and every system has its own unique identifiers, which eliminates the possibility of activating a neighboring operation’s audio whistle.

The Talkie Tooter® Carriage Control system increases productivity and safety of employees who move logs with a motorized carriage, remotely controlling the functions of the skycar. The carriage receiver may be operated by any member of the crew, equipped with a belt-mounted transmitter and also by the yarder operator via a transmitter mounted in the cab. All receivers are capable of providing an audio signal to warn people in the area that the carriage is ready to move the lines.